Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meet Stephanie of Stephy Lee Photography

Hello, friends! Last week my dear friend Stephanie was here talking about the apps she uses to edit photos on the go.  Well today I wanted to give you the chance to get to know her a little better! She is one of my best friends and such a sweetheart!

What are the three things you are most passionate about and why? 
1. my dog. Can I be passionate about my dog? He's amazing and he loves me unconditionally. I am obsessed with him. 2. Photography. It's my biggest hobby. I love capturing life and beauty in the world. 3. Sleeping. Haha, kidding! I'm passionate about making people more aware of depression and anxiety and how it can affect people.

When / How did you discover your love for photography?
I have been doing photography for as long as I can remember. Even when I was little I had some sort of camera with me (film, instant, disposable). I've always loved taking photos. Of anything and everything. I took a class in college to learn more about it, and have been pursuing it even more ever since.

What are some tips you would give to someone who is interested in pursuing photography as a hobby? 
Learn. Learn a lot. You don't have to take classes or get a degree or certificate in photography to become good at it. Buy books. Learn about your camera and it's settings/capabilities. And practice. Take pictures ALL the time. Of everything! Not every shot will be a good shot...but you will learn from every shot you take.

Tell us one random fact about yourself. 
I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy and I'm sure I'll be really depressed when the show finally ends.

I already mentioned that Stephanie is just the sweetest right? Well, check out this post about the day she gave her lunch to a homeless man.  

Oh and her love for photography? It shows! Just look at these photos! 

In addition to her website, you can also find Stephanie on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! (Oh, and you are definitely going to want to follow her if you are a dog lover - tons of cute pictures of her pup, Walter!)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

4 Great Apps for Editing Photos on the Go
(by Stephanie of Stephy Lee Photography)

Hey, friends! Today I want to introduce you to my best blogging friend, Stephanie! She is just the sweetest and also very talented! Please give her a warm welcome and then follow her to see all of her amazing work!


Hello, I'm Stephanie and I am a photographer/blogger over at Stephy Lee Photography. I share a lot of the photos I take on my blog. I also do a wonderful feature for photographer's called Photographer's Spotlight

Today I want to share with you some iOS apps that I used for editing apps on the go. My favorite apps are Snapseed, iPhoto, PixlrExpress, and Photo Editor by Aviary. I believe you can get all of these apps, with the exception of iPhoto, on Android devices as well. They are definitely worth looking into!

Here are some photos that I have edited with the apps:





What are your favorite apps to edit photos? Be sure to check out my website and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!