Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Change in Perspective

Hello, friends!  One of the things I love about blogging is getting to know little tidbits about the person behind my favorite blogs.  Well here is one about me: I am a worry-wart of epic proportions  When family members or friends say I worry too much, I try to make a joke out of it.  I'll say, "But I'm so good at it!" But really there is no good that comes from it. 

We all have those days.   You know the ones - you spill your coffee, you get a speeding ticket, you have issues at work, your cell phone company screws up your bill - and you're ready to go home and crawl back into bed before 10 AM.  Or maybe only one of those things happened.  Some days, one is enough. For me, this is where I usually decide that this is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone in the history of ever.  I get grouchy.  I give myself a headache (or occasionally a panic attack).  I snap at people. I cry.  And suddenly car trouble IS a huge deal because I've yelled at my Dad when he came to help me or I've snapped at my daughter when she didn't do anything wrong.  I've checked out of reality and taken up residence in Pity Town.  And that's a lonely place, folks.  Population one.  

Recently I've started making some changes in my attitude and my perspective.  I wanted to share with you what I've learned.

  • We all visit Pity Town.  You just can't live there.  
Don't beat yourself up for having a "woe is me" moment.  But make it quick, dust yourself off, and refocus. Sometimes a five minute cry can be therapeutic.  Just don't wallow. 
  • Focusing on the positive DOES make it easier.
Things can always be worse.  When your car breaks down and you have to pay $100 to get it running again, be glad it was only $100 and that you have the money to fix it.  If you drop your cell phone down the stairs and it takes 3 days to get a new one, be glad you have insurance and can get a replacement for a small fee instead of having to pay several hundred for a new one.
  •  Playing the "what if" game is a waste of time. 
I am master of the "what if" game.  Say you have your yearly review at work.  Do you sit up the night before thinking of all the bad things your boss could say?  Do you spend hours before a family event thinking of all the crappy remarks your cousin you don't really get along with could make (And coming up with possible comebacks to each)? I used to do this under the guise of "being prepared." Don't kid yourself.  This is not preparation. This is unneeded stress.  And most of the time, the situations I had anticipated NEVER happened.  
  • One bad day doesn't mean your life sucks. 
We all know that person.  The one who decides that their life is ruined the second anything minor happens. And I've been that person.  I've turned a bad day into a bad week because I've focused on only the negative.  At the end of the day, most of this stuff is minor.  Count your blessings.  I know, it sounds cliche, but I'm serious.  Take a moment to really put things into perspective.  Don't give minor inconveniences so much power that you allow them to take away from the good things in your life.   <--- Tweet this!

I hope that next time you are faced with some less than ideal circumstances you will 
be able to take a moment to adjust your perspective before letting it ruin your day.  

Do you have any tips on how to keep your chin up when faced with daily stresses?
Share them in the comments!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Amanda Fair Designs Giveaway with Moments for the Journey

Happy Monday, dear friends! Today I wanted to share a giveaway that my friend Paige is hosting on her blog, Moments for the Journey.  The prize is a zipper bag of your choice from Amanda Fair Designs! You're not going to want to miss out on this one! Her products are beautiful and she has something to match every style.  Think about how cute one of these bags would look keeping things organized in your purse! Or use it alone to carry just a few essentials! The winner will be announced (and emailed) by Paige on April 18th.  Good luck! 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Find Beauty Friday: Link up #28

Hello friends! Hope you all had a great week! Mine was super busy! Because of that, I have no co-hosts today and I'm going to be doing a kind of condensed version of FBF.  When I started this link up I said that I wanted to feature my five favorites from the week before. Well every week I just could NOT pick only five.  I love every single photo that is linked up! But this week I'm short on time so I will only be featuring my five favorites. (And it was so hard to pick, you guys!! Seriously!)

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THANK YOU to everyone who participated!! 
Now let's see what you've captured this week!